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4 Winds Nest Artisans Boutique is our store located on the docks of the Fisherman

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We offer one of the largest selections of the best quality authentic French Jacquard and Coated Cotton tablecloths, napkins, runners, and tea towels. Made in the Provençe, France

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Table Linens from Provence, France

French Jacquard - a Woven Cloth

Jacquard is a woven cloth in which the design is part of the weave.

Our Jacquard Collection is a 100% cotton and has a Teflon finish, making tablecloths stain resistant while preserving the feel of cotton.

To revive the Teflon Coating, simply iron the reverse side on a high temperature setting.

What does French Jacquard and your laptop have in common?

Weaving a pattern into a cloth is no easy matter. Different shuttles, carrying the weft strands, have to be threaded through the warp strands in a precise order to give the weave its pattern.

In 1801, Joseph Marie Jacquard, a silk-weaver, invented an improved textile loom. His loom was the first machine to use a punched card. These punched cards controlled the loom, enabling to automate the weaving of complex patterns previously accomplished only by manually lifting warp threads.

In former times, it was done by a second operator, apart from the weaver, the draw-boy, since a child smaller fingers were more capable of setting the fine wool, silk, or cotton threads used. J.M.Jacquard him self was brought into weaving trade by his parents and got his first job as a draw-boy at the age of 10. It was tedious and sometimes dangerous task that required sitting on a perch above the heavy, massive loom and working quickly in advance of each passage of the shuttle.

For this invention J.M.Jacquard was rewarded by Napoleon with a pension and the Legion d'Honneur, but the silk weavers were long opposed to his machine. At J.M.Jacquard death in 1834 his loom was in almost universal use, and his punched card system was adopted in the 20th-century as a control and data input system for early digital computers.

Punched cards were in common use in computers until the 1980s, and few people realize now that the idea of storing information in cards with holes was transplanted from the French weaving industry. What is even more surprising is that this invention itself was a successful transfer of ideas used in the programming of music automata since the late Middle Ages!

French Jacquard Care Instructions:

Machine wash in cold or warm water.
Tumble dry on low temperature setting or hang dry for best results.
Iron on high setting (on the reverse side only) the preserve the teflon coating.
To revive Teflon coating from over washing or certain detergents, simply iron reverse side on a high temperature setting.

Note: Any linens containing cotton may shrink if tumble-dried on high temperature setting.