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4 Winds Nest Artisans Boutique is our store located on the docks of the Fisherman

4 Winds Nest Artisans Boutique
Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria

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A15 - 1 Dallas Road, Victoria,
BC, V8V0B2

We offer one of the largest selections of the best quality authentic French Jacquard and Coated Cotton tablecloths, napkins, runners, and tea towels. Made in the Provençe, France

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Table Linens from Provence, France

Fabrics Care

French Linens Online guarantees the quality of manufacturing for six months from the date of purchase, but is not responsible for defects due to the laundering appliances, products, and other household or cosmetic chemicals.

JacquardTeflon: 100% Cotton with Teflon Coating

Our French Jacquard tablecloth are stain proof while preserving the feel of cotton!
Machine washable in cold or warm water. Do not use detergent with bleach additives. Tumble dry on low temperature setting or hang dry for best results.
Iron on cotton setting on the reverse side to reactivate the teflon coating.

Will the Teflon Coating Wash Off?

The Teflon coating may eventually wear down after over washing and/or certain detergents. To revive your Teflon coating simply iron on the reverse side on a cotton temperature setting. Ironing will revive the coating!
Note: Any linens containing cotton may shrink if machine-dried on high temperature setting!

Coated Cotton: 100% Cotton with Acrylic Coating (also called Oil Cloth)

Stain proof coating for easy care. The stains won't penetrate in the linens. No washing necessary! Use a wet cloth to clean and wipe off the spills! If you feel you need to launder your cloth, wash it in the machine on a gentle cycle using a mild No Bleach detergent in cold water, then air dry. The cloth may be ironed, under side up, using a damp cloth on a cotton setting. It will not loose the coating. Do not use fabric softener. Do not dry clean.

What is Acrylic Coating?

Acrylic coating is a process in which a powdered acrylic is heated and infused into cotton fabric. This process makes it fade and stain resistant.

Can I leave Coated Cotton tablecloth on a patio table outside?

Our Coated Cotton has a 100% cotton back - you may leave it outside weather permitting as nothing is mould or mildew proof. Mildew and mould will form between the surface of the table and the underside of any cloth, especially in an environment with temperature changes, moisture, and shade. All cloth when wet should be allowed to dry, never fold and store a wet or damp cloth.

Runners & Pillow Covers from Tapestry Jacquard Collection:

(Heavy Jacquard Weave, 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester )

Machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle, No Bleach detergent.
Hang dry for best results. Iron using a damp cotton pressing cloth on cotton setting. Do not dry clean.