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French Coated Tablecloth - 100% Cotton, Acrylic Coated

Coated tablecloths are 100% cotton with an acrylic coating that makes them wipeable and durable.
Acrylic-coating is a process in which a powdered acrylic is heat-treated, then infused into cotton tissue, making it fade and stain resistant. The stains won't penetrate in the fabric.
Tablecloths retain their brilliant colour for years and are ideal for families with children or grand children as they are worry free. No washing is necessary! Use a wet cloth to clean and wipe off the spills. Enjoy indoors or out!

Lavender Tablecloth Collection "Valencole" Linen, Placed Pattern, Size: 100" x 62", Seats 8 people, Price $144.95

French Acrylic Coated Tablecloth Collection "Valencole" Linen: Lavender Motif, Placed Pattern, 100" x 62", Seats 8 people, Price $144.95